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May 2018 Bullet Resistant Security Products Promotion

With school shootings and threats continuing to happen on a daily basis, the need for protection has escalated to even greater heights. Now, school administration office personnel around the country have voiced their fears, as in many cases they are the first to be confronted by angry students or parents.  They are also the school’s communication center in an active shooter scenario.  

 Campus Security Systems, a division of (Triad Security Solutions) would like to offer public / private schools and colleges nationwide up to a 50% discount on our School Protection System for the month of May 2018.


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Bullet Resistant Door Guard
Make any normal door Bullet Resistant
Prevents Active Shooter from blasting through door
Level 3 protection
Installs in 15 minutes
Regular installed cost

Level 1: $1299

Level 3: $1,599.00
Promotional Installed cost:

Level 1: $499

Level 3: $699.00

Radio Frequency Identification 

(RFID) Remote Door Locks
Instantly locks the door from 100 feet away.
NO NEED TO PANIC running to lock the door.
Locks the door regardless of any obstruction
Regular installed cost $999.00
Promotional Installed cost: $699.00  


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Window Shield 14 Mil High Breach Security Film
Prevents window glass from falling to the ground
Prevents active shooter from entering and the ability to cause HARM!
Ideal for all classroom windows, administration office windows, glass doors

Regular installed cost $28.99 per sq ft.
Promotional Installed cost: $17.99 per sq ft
Includes Window Security Film Attachment System



Orders placed by May 15th will qualify for June 25th shipment and installation

Orders placed by May 31st will qualify for July 15th shipment and installation.

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