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Corporate and Personal Security Products for Today's World   
Triad Security Solutions provides commercial and residential security products to domestic and international customers. Triad Security Solutions offers the most complete security program.
Products include: Window Glass Protection, RFID Remote Door Lockdown,
Bullet Resistant Products, Video Surveillance
All products are manufactured in the USA.

Patent Pending # 62/398,969

Underwriters Laboratories UL752 Ballistic Standards Certified

About Triad Security Solutions

With over 40 years of combined experience the owners of Triad Security Solutions have gained extensive experience and insight into what it takes to facilitate security
against a high threat violent penetration of a building.
Triad Security Solutions building installations have included:
• Public Schools • Colleges • Casinos • Retailers • Residential • Commercial •

Product Lines

Window Security Film

Triad Security Solutions "Window Shield" Window Protection System features window security film with an attachment system that prevents a burglar or active shooter from entering.

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Bullet Resistant Door Guards

Triad Security Solutions Bullet Resistant Door Guard
makes any normal door bullet resistant and prevents an active shooter from blasting through a door. 

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RFID Door Locks

Triad Security Solutions RFID Lock System gives you the ability to keep office doors, hallways, libraries, cafeterias and gymnasiums open and can be instantly locked with a push on the remote control. 

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Video Surveillance

Triad Security Solutions offers a  

complete full spectrum video security solution.
Featuring thermal, analog and high definition IP cameras.

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