Bullet Resistant Door Guard

The Bullet Resistant Door Guard makes and standard door a Bullet Resistant Door



With the rise in burglaries, invasions, active shooter attacks, the need for added protection is at its all time high. Two specific building points of protection comes to mind:

  • #1 - window glass protection
  • #2 – Bullet proof door

Both are called by law enforcement as hardening the target. Hardening the target means to slow down, deter, make it hard for the intruder to enter the building or home thus “Buying you TIME!

Example: If an intruder breaks through the first line of defense (shoots through a window) your natural instinct is to take cover in an office, bathroom, bedroom or closet door hoping to be behind a barrier. The problem is none of these doors are Ballistic doors.  The intruder will blast through these doors in seconds which history has proven.

Bulletproof doors is your next line of safety. Unlike standard wood doors that would shatter when shot, that same door protected by the door guard would now become a bullet resistant door.  Bullet proof door prices have been very costly ($5k-$7k installed) for a lot of people and companies. Most Ballistic security doors in the market today are metal based. They are solid, heavy doors and frames (500 lbs avg) that have to be installed by a professional door installer. Due to various sizes of commercial and residential door most bulletproof doors will need to be customized increasing the cost even more.


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So why the Bullet Resistant Door Guard?
Bullet-resistant door protection to stop Intruders

bullet resistant door guard was initially created / designed as Bullet resistant doors for schools or a Bullet resistant door for classroom.  Understanding school budgets (tight funding) we knew replacing the entire door and spending $5,000-$7,000 per classroom door would never be in the budget / affordable.

By creating the door guard, (a level 3 bullet resistant fiberglass materials), light enough to be attached onto the center of the classroom door, it would turn that standard door into a Bulletproof door at a third of the cost of a ballistic door.  The bullet resistant door guard covers / protects 75% of a standard door. This covers the area of the door that an active shooter most likely would shoot at. No sense in shooting high or low. Being able to laminate the door guard using a white board material would make it as part of the classroom work place and less military.


TODAY 2021

Originally created to protect children and teachers in schools as a Bullet resistant door for classrooms, The door guard is now being purchased by many commercial and residential customers nationwide.

 The BR Door Guard is ideal as a:

  • Bullet Resistant Bedroom door
  • Ballistic resistant Interior door
  • Bullet resistant door for schools
  • Bullet resistant classroom door
  • Bullet resistant security door
  • Ballistic door for casino payout booths
  • Ballistic door for gas stations
  • Ballistic door for Churches
  • Ballistic door for banks
  • Ballistic door for Check cashing
Off Duty Police officers shooting door protected by the Bullet Resistant Wood Door. Zero penetration
6 off duty police officers  shooting door protected by the Bullet Resistant Wood Door. Zero penetration
After 120 rounds Ballistic Door shows zero penetration:

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Bullet Resistant Door Guards
Bullet Resistant Door Guards
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