El Monte City School District

I am very pleased with the Campus Security Systems Window Solar / Security Film and RFID CSS-2000 Door Locks that we added to our campuses and district office. The quality of the CSS products and the added security it offers gives us all better peace of mind.

Roger Garner
El Monte City School District


“I met the (CSS) Campus Security Systems team at a school security conference in Las Vegas. After viewing their security products, I was impressed with the Window Shield Protection system and the Remote Control Door Locks. The CSS products offered extra security for my students and gives us additional time to respond in an emergency. We are now able to lock all classroom doors with a simple push on the remote control. The CSS School Protection System is ideal for any public or private school or college.”

-Sergeant Joe Kuns


Couldn't be more pleased with the Window Shield System, Bullet Resistant Door Guards and Remote Locks from Triad Security Solutions. These guys know how to guard against an active shooter and bomb threats. My customers are completely satisfied with the security products that we add to their buildings.

Shri Domasmy
Cord International

I had Triad Security Solutions install their top security film system for my home as I had just been burglarized. I was very pleased with their response time and the quality of the product.  I feel much better knowing that i have the best form of security for my windows.

L. Van Thiel