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Triad Security Solutions offers Security Window film protection from violent forcible entry to homes, commercial offices, schools, and churches. Our glass protection film “high breach security film” protects you and your loved ones from active shooters and burglars. One out of five homes will experience a break-in. There are over 8,000 break-ins and home invasions every day. Are you protected with window security film? A burglar spends 60 to 90 seconds in your home. It takes the police 7 to 10 minutes to arrive at your home.

Protective Window Film Can Save Your Life

TSS glass security film gives you time to react. Unlike normal glass that does have some sort of film to strengthen glass, it will leave unprotected with little or no time to think, take cover, call for help or get your gun. TSS security films will keep you safe and buys you time. During an attack, the window protected with our security film does not shatter or fall to the ground. It stays intact, keeping the burglar from entering your home. We have rigorously tested Window Shield security window film with multiple types of handguns, rifles, axes and explosives including gunfire from a 22mm, 9mm, 38mm, 40mm, 45mm, .38 magnum, .44 magnum, 12 gauge shotgun and AK47 as well as blasts from C4 and dynamite.

Cameras, cell phones, glass sensors and video lets you know if a breach has happened but all of these electronic items give you a false sense of security as they do not stop a Burglar or Active Shooter from entering.  These products give you zero reaction time what so ever.” says Ron Triebels, President of Triad Security Solutions. Window safety film however, allows you more time to react, take cover and call  police .

With an estimated 3.7 million household burglaries each year (U.S. Department of Justice), do not wait for a property invasion or incident. It will be too late.

Window Shield “Security Window Film”
is the best overall glass protection film against an intruder / active shooter. These days you have to consider both types of attackers.

Improve Your Safety with Our Cutting-Edge Window Security Film

With Triad Security Solutions, glass protection film has never been easier! In today’s day and age, there’s no such thing as being too cautious. Shootings and other heinous acts happen on a constant basis. Can you honestly say that in the event that you are targeted by an evildoer you are fully prepared? There’s no way you can possibly predict when danger will strike; even if you have your own firearms, will you be able to access them if someone opens fire? - Probably not!

Our sliding door window safety film will save you valuable minutes; minutes that you can use to escape to safety and even contact the authorities. Security film for windows should be a top priority among all property owners, and with Triad Security Solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your safety will be dramatically increased.

If Under Attack - What Will You Do? 

Violent crimes and active shooters have, sadly, become a way of our world. It’s impossible to turn on the news without hearing horrific news about crazed gunmen opening fire on innocent people or armed burglars breaking into the properties of unsuspecting homeowners. While “thoughts and prayers” are nice sentiments, they do nothing to protect you from atrocities. The truth is, those news stories you see could very easily become your reality.

The best defense is a good offense, and when it comes to protecting your home and loved ones or your business, employees, and patrons, Triad Security Solutions is the best offense. Our protective window film and sliding glass door security film offer the most powerful protection against break-ins and other violent acts.

“Window Shield Keeps you safe as it buy’s you TIME!”

Windows and sliding glass doors are the point of entry for over 65% of home burglaries. Our security film for windows “ Window Shield” protects sliding doors as well. Unfortunately these days there are no safe places, not even our Schools, places of Worship like Churches, Temples or Mosque where individuals or families can be completely safe. You must have a plan in place to stop a Burglar or an Active Shooter from entering your place of worship, school or business. By stopping these delinquents from entry, you drastically reduce the amount of people that can be hurt or killed by these low lives.

Do not wait for an incident to occur before taking precautionary action. Give Triad Security Solutions a call today to discuss your options.

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Triad Security Solutions offers high breach security film for windows, ballistic security doors (bullet-resistant door guards), RFD lock systems and security screens. These protect you, your family, employees, customers, students and congregation from harm.

About Our Security Film

Our revolutionary security film for windows (window shield) is constructed of the highest caliber materials and extensively tested to ensure durability and effectiveness. It’s been proven to withstand pistol shots from various types of firearms at various distances; even point-blank ranges, axe, , bat, crowbar, dynamite and military explosives (see test video at the top of the page).

Unprotected windows shatter to smithereens when shot at with a bullet from any type of gun and at any range. Shards of glass can cause extensive injuries and evil doers have instant access to your property. Our safety film for windows fortifies your windows, preventing them from shattering, reducing the risk of injury, and providing you with more time to escape serious danger.

How it Works

How it works is super simple… As soon as you contact us, we’ll send a highly trained and experienced window security film installer to your location. The technician will measure your windows to ensure a precise fit. Once measured, the security film will be cut to size and meticulously affixed to your windows. You don’t have to do anything; our expert installers will take care of everything for you. Once the job is done, you’ll be left with fortified windows and have great peace of mind knowing that your security and the safety of yourself and your loved ones, employees, patrons, and anyone else who may enter your property will be significantly improved.

For a consult with an expert window security film installer, please contact us today!
All services and products are meant to serve as deterrents and NOT fail-proof preventatives of property damage or loss, etc