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“High Breach Security Film”

"One Way View" Security Film

Anti-Graffiti Window Shield Protection

Window Shield “High Breach Security Film” is the best overall protection against an intruder / active shooter. These days you have to consider both types of attackers.

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Window Shield One Way Security Film is ideal for both commercial and homeowners as it offers protection and privacy against a Burglar or Active Shooter.  

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Anti-Graffiti Window Shield applies easily to window glass, mirrors, smooth wall and metal surfaces and cannot be easily detected by taggers. 

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Top Window Security Film Installer -Protection from Burglars & Active Shooters

Triad Security Solutions offers protection from violent forcible entry to homes, commercial offices, schools and churches. Our Window Shield “high breach security film” protects you and your loved ones from active shooters and burglars. One out of five homes will experience a break in. There are over 8,000 break-ins and home invasions every day. Are you protected? A burglar spends 60 to 90 seconds in your home. It takes the police 7 to 10 minutes to arrive at your home.

If Under Attack - What Will You Do? 

Window Security Film Can Save Your Life

You need time to react. With no notice at all you do not even have time to think, take cover, call for help or get your gun. Our Window Shields keep you safe and buys you time. During an attack, the glass does not shatter or fall to the ground. It stays intact, keeping the burglar from entering your home. We have rigorously tested Window Shield protected glass with multiple types of handguns, rifles, axes and explosives including: gunfire from a 22mm, 9mm, 38mm, 40mm, 45mm, .38 magnum, .44 magnum, 12 gauge shotgun and AK47 as well as blasts from C4 and dynamite.

 “Cameras, cell phones, glass sensors and video let you know if a breach has happened but all of these give you a slow response time and does not stop Burglar or Active Shooter. They give you no reaction time what so ever.” says Ron Triebel, owner of Triad Security Solutions. Their window shield allows you more time for you to get away and the police to respond.

With an estimated 3.7 million household burglaries each year (U.S. Department of Justice), do not wait for a property invasion or incident. It will be too late.

“Window Shield Keeps you safe as it buy’s you TIME!”

Windows and sliding glass doors are the point of entry for over 65% of home burglaries. Our Window Shield protects sliding doors as well. We also offer one way security film, and anti- graffiti film. One way security film allows for added protection by allowing those on the inside to see outside but does not allow the intruders to see in your home or business. This keeps your activity private and unseen.

Unfortunately these days there are no safe places, not even our Schools or places of Worship like Churches, Temples or Mosque can individuals or families be completely safe. You must have a plan in place to stop a Burglar or an Active Shooter from entering your place of worship, school or business. By stopping these delinquents from entry, you drastically reduce the amount of people that can be hurt or killed by these lowlives.

Do not wait for an incident to occur before taking precautionary action. Give Triad Security Solutions a call today to discuss your options. Call 877-837-4275 or visit their website at to schedule your free consultation.

Triad Security Solutions offers high breach security film, bullet resistant door guards, RFD lock systems and video surveillance. These protect you, your family, employees, customers, students and congregation from harm.


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