Do automatic door Locks help schools against an active shooter?

By now most of us know that there have been hundreds of schools shooting in the United States. Oh yes it calmed down during the 2020  COVID-19 year as kids were mostly home schooled by parents or attended virtual zoom class sessions.

With things opening up in the first quarter of 2021 we can already see the violence that is taking place throughout the nation. Active shooter snipers landing bullets on moving cars, friendly people being shot having dinner and more. You can bet that school shooting will emerge once again. So how do we minimize the harm that will come to our students?

For one, beef up security on campus. It’s sad to say but schools need security police these days. Secondly, the need for automatic classroom door locks. 

Why Automatic Door Locks?

When the sound of gun shots and screaming people are heard, everyone inside the classrooms and offices will panic. A teacher trying to lock the classroom door running through a crowded room with 25-30 students will have a difficult time getting to the door and every second counts. The last thing we want is to have the active shooter enter a classroom full of students.

A remote control RFID Door Lock would solve that problem immediately.  With a simple push on the remote control the classroom door is locked in a second. No need to Panic. Students can take their Active Shooter safety positions and wait for the first responders.

This RFID door lock can be set up as a standalone lock were the teacher is in control or can be wired in a system to were an administrator can lock the entire campus down with a push on the button.

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