Securing your Home or Business

As crime rises daily worldwide, homeowners, businesses, schools, churches, hospitals and more have been proactive by installing video surveillance equipment and alarm systems, along with glass and door sensors to protect against a burglar, active shooter, or invasions. 

But do these electronic security products really protect you?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO!  Both video surveillance equipment or alarm systems will not stop an intruder from entering your home or business. Many people in the world today have this false sense of security. What surveillance equipment will do is record the break-in, set off a loud horn, and possibly notify law enforcement. A high percentage of break-ins are through window or door glass. Electronic security doesn’t harden the target; hence, the intruder is in your home or business in less than a second.

Window / door glass, such as annealed or tempered glass, will simply shatter to the ground upon the slightest bit of blunt force.  Heaven forbid if you are home or in your office when a robbery or invasion occurs; you will have little to zero response time to protect yourself or loved ones.  Intruders know that it takes law enforcement 8-12 minutes, on a national average, to arrive at the scene.  Extensive damage can take place during that time. On the average, an intruder is usually in and out of your home or business in less than 60 seconds.  They are not worried about the alarm sound and are usually covered up, so video cameras have a hard time picking up facial recognition. 

With the understanding that window glass is the intruder’s easiest point of entry, there are several security options available to harden the target, such as Window protection films, bars, screens, and roll ups. Some of these options may work in the commercial field.  However, for residential, schools, churches and more, safety film for windows is undetectable to the eye and leaves things looking normal. Window film protection bonds to the glass, preventing it to shatter to the ground upon blunt force. This prevents the intruder from entering in quickly and allows for more reaction time. Once the intruder realizes that the glass isn’t falling to the ground, you have destroyed his timing.  For more information please click