The Question of School Shootings

There have been hundreds of school shootings since Sandy Hook. The country was shocked every time another school shooting took place. Today it barely makes the headlines. We have gotten so used to school shooting / active shooter attacks.  The real question is, what have the school districts done to harden the target (protect, by putting up barriers) to minimize the loss of lives?

The main excuse that you will hear is that they have zero budget dollars available for expensive protection systems.  It is clear they have not done enough research on this matter. There are several vendors in the marketplace that offer low costing protective barriers that are functional and will mitigate the loss of lives.


How effective can it be for students to take cover under their desks when all the active shooter must do is shatter the window and it falls to the ground, allowing the shooter to enter and cause harm?

History has proven that attackers will shoot through any barrier.

 Every school needs:


Let me give you an example:

Classroom Bullet Resistant Door Protection: Installed Cost: $799.00

Prevents door from splattering. This will fit on any standard door and prevent attacker to enter.

With a classroom of 25 students, PTA collects $30.00 from the parents; and the door guard is paid for. It’s a one-time cost that will last for 20 years.  It doesn’t cost the school district a dime.