The Uproar in Violence Today

As the country is making strides to vaccinate Americans from the Covid virus, crime is on the rise nationwide. Burglaries, shootings, police shootings are starting to feel like the daily norm.

Innocent people are getting killed sitting in a restaurant having dinner, shopping in malls or just walking down the street. You can almost predict another mass shooting is on its way or another peaceful demonstration that goes out of control.

It’s now even more urgent to protect yourself and your property. Retailers, banks, check cashing stores, police stations, churches, casinos and schools are all gearing up installing security film for windows, adding ballistic Security Doors, alarms and more just to be ready for an attack. When demonstration go sideways the haters will literally vandalize, destroy everything they see. They will burn cars, throw rocks, trash cans anything they can get their hands on to break glass windows. It turns into a free for all. Once the window glass falls to the ground, some of the violent demonstrators will enter the building (grocery, cell, drug, bank, and appliance store) and steal as much as they can carry out with them and even go back for more.

During a 2020 demonstration in Los Angeles, CA, retailers like Apple who secured their window glass with special security material saved themselves from harm and loss of product. Security film for windows may not totally stop an invasion but it will certainly slow down the intruder as the security film bonds to the window glass and will stand up to many strikes from a baseball bat, crowbar or rock and not fall to the ground. See pics of swat team security film for windows demonstration test:

Shotgun Axe  C-4 Explosives

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