RFID: TRI-4000 RFID Remote Locks

RFID: TRI-4000 RFID Remote Locks

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The TRI-4000 is a stand-along electronic function lock that provides RFIT technology with the security afford by using a grad 1 heavy duty cylindrical lockset. It features lockdown function for integration of Safety Program. RFID technology simplifying the management of the system provides ease of use. Maximum keycard capacity includes 250 office keycards and user keycards, and 120 Remote Control Units per lock. Programming is quick and easy. Ideal for: Schools, Medical, Corporations, Retailers, Dispensaries etc.


  • Instantly locks the door from 75 feet away by pressing the Remote Control!
  • NO NEED TO PANIC running to lock the door.
  • Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) enables lockdown regardless of any obstruction, even through WALLS
  • The Exterior Red Blinking LED Light will alert the police that this room is on Lockdown.
  • The Interior Red Blinking LED Light will let you know that the door is on Lockdown Mode!
  • The Intruder RFID Lock Set operates by batteries and is not affected by power outages
  • Key Override / Reinforced Steel interior cover plates
  • ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, UL 3 Hours  Rated, AD
  • 4-AA Batteries included. A nuisance sound will chirp when batteries need replacing
  • Battery life - 2 years


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