"Window Shield" Protection System



"Window Shield" Security Film

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High Breach Security Film: 

Yes 14mil  (3ply)

 1 Company 14mil  (1ply)

Nanotechnology Glass Strengthener:    



Bonding Agent:


No (soap & water)

Drying Time:      

1 hour

24-48 hours

Cure Time: 

3 days

4-6 weeks

Attachment Installation:

Same day

4-6 weeks

Break-In Protection:  

Same day

4-6 weeks

10 Year Warranty:  



Bonded & Insured: 





Normal glass will shatter instantly upon the slightest amount of blunt force. When glass shatters it falls to the ground. It also disperses glass fragments which can cause harm to people. This enables a burglar / violator to enter quickly and cause harm. Most window film installers use normal soap and water solution to activate the film adhesive. This type of installation can take 30 - 60 days to fully cure. This prevents the installer from installing the attachment system immediately, leaving the building vulnerable to break-ins.  

The Triad Security Solutions "Window Shield" Protection System uses a special adhesive that bonds the film into the pores of the glass making it difficult to breach within hours of installation. Couple this feature with our attachment system makes our "Window Shield" the most effective glass protection system in the business. 

With 5 US offices and over 40 professional security film installers, Triad is servicing customers nationwide and distributing product worldwide.  


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