RFID: TRI-5000 RFID Remote Pushbar Locks

RFID: TRI-5000 RFID Remote Pushbar Locks

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The TR-5000 is a combination of Panic Door Lock with RFID Remote Lockdown capability. This product is ideal for hallways, cafeteria's, gymnasiums, libraries, and high traffic areas.
In the Event of a Threat, TRI-5000 system can lock the doors instantly from 75 feet away, keeping everyone enclosed in this area safe, and keeping the intruder out.

EXAMPLE: A gymnasium normally has between 4-8 sets of double doors. One security person in the event of a threat, can lock all doors with a push of a button keeping everyone in the gym safe and prevent the intruder from entering.

IMPORTANT: Normal manual Panic Push Bar Locks use a specific Allen Key type tool to lock the door. This type of lock is not friendly in the event of a THREAT!


The TRI-5000 Series Exit Devices and Trims are designed for new or retrofit installation of Von Duprin 98/99 Series. ED1400 is ANSI Certified Grade 1 and UL listed for Panic Hardware. Retrofit 98/99 installation requires no additional door prep.

The TRI-4000MR is used to electrify the TRI-5000 system. The TRI-4000 is a standalone electronic function lock that provides a RFID technology with the security afforded by using grade 1 heavy duty cylindrical lockset. It features lockdown function for integration of Safety Program. RFID technology simplifying the management of the system provides ease of use. Maximum keycard capacity includes 250 office keycards and user keycards, and 120 Remote Control Units per lock. Programming is quick  and easy.

  • 4-AA Batteries included. A nuisance sound will chirp when batteries need replacing
  • Battery life - 2 years


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