Window Shield “High Breach Security Film”

Window Shield “High Breach Security Film”

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Window Shield “High Breach Security Film” is the best overall protection against an intruder / active shooter. These days you have to consider both types of attackers.

Field Tested

Field tested by Houston Police (Swat) Window Shield “High Breach Security system held up to 12 Gauge Shot Gun Pellets, an Axe, Dynamite and C4 Explosive. (All Triad Security Solutions (TSS) products go through rigorous testing before they are made available to the market.)



Normal glass will shatter instantly upon the slightest amount of blunt force. When glass shatters it falls to the ground. This allows the intruder easy entry into the building or home and the ability to cause harm.


Window Shield High Breach 14 mil Security Film System.  The system features a clear high breach 3-ply 14 mil security film, nanotechnology glass strengthener and a special attachment system for your existing windows that would delay a burglar or even an active shooter from entering. This system bonds to glass and prevents it from falling to the ground, keeping intruders out and everyone safe.

High Breach System Features & Benefits:

  • 14 Mil 3-Ply Strength
  • Nanotechnology Glass Strengthener
  • Dramatically strengthens normal glass
  • Prevents glass from shattering to the ground
  • Rejects 99% of UV rays
  • Dries in 2 hours / cures in 3 days
  • Improves glass efficiency